Nominate Your Favorite Staff Member

It is that time of year to recognize Vail's outstanding teachers, staff members, and volunteers. This year, as usual, we are kicking off Vail Pride Day with our Staff and Volunteer Award Nominations!

It always feels good to hear about a job well done. Vail's staff and many volunteers do incredible things for Vail's kids every single day. Let's show them some love!

Please watch the video below to see why we include staff and volunteer nominations in Vail Pride Day and to hear just how much of an impact these nominations make. Then, CLICK HERE to nominate and recognize that special Vail School District staff member for Vail Pride Day Teacher of the Year, Support Staff of the Year, Rookie of the Year, and Volunteer of the Year. 

Save the Date - Vail Pride Day is February 17th, 2024!